CAT0001-72.jpg Catalogue CAT0001 / Catalogue
WWP1102a-72.jpg HK wallpaper: cherry tree WWP1102 / HK wallpaper: cherry tree
WWP1101a-72.jpg HK wallpaper: vintage reed WWP1101 / HK wallpaper: vintage reed
tts1006.2.jpg zigzag throw natural/brown (130x170) TTS1006 / zigzag throw natural/brown (130x170)
tts1006.2.jpg zigzag bedspread natural/brown (240x260) TTS1007 / zigzag bedspread natural/brown (240x260)
MTA2812b-72.jpg metal/brass coffee table set of 2 MTA2812 / metal/brass coffee table set of 2
AOA9947-72.jpg wooden sculpture no-face AOA9947 / wooden sculpture no-face
AOA9948-72.jpg wooden mask ornament AOA9948 / wooden mask ornament
AOA9949-72.jpg wooden wheel ornament burned AOA9949 / wooden wheel ornament burned
AOA9950-72.jpg wooden wheel ornament natural AOA9950 / wooden wheel ornament natural
AOA9951-72.jpg wooden finial ornament burned L AOA9951 / wooden finial ornament burned L
AOA9952-72.jpg wooden finial ornament burned XL AOA9952 / wooden finial ornament burned XL
ACE6691-72.jpg ceramic flower vase green ACE6691 / ceramic flower vase green
ACE6690-72.jpg ceramic flower vase S brown ACE6690 / ceramic flower vase S brown
ACE6688-72.jpg ceramic flower vase M blue ACE6688 / ceramic flower vase M blue
ACE6683-72.jpg ceramic flower vase L brown ACE6683 / ceramic flower vase L brown
ACE6682-72.jpg ceramic flower vase retro ACE6682 / ceramic flower vase retro
ACE6689-72.jpg ceramic flower vase S blue ACE6689 / ceramic flower vase S blue
ACE6685-72.jpg ceramic flower pot blue/brown ACE6685 / ceramic flower pot blue/brown
ACE6687-72.jpg ceramic flower vase retro brown ACE6687 / ceramic flower vase retro brown
ACE6686-72.jpg ceramic flower pot green/brown ACE6686 / ceramic flower pot green/brown
ACE6684-72.jpg ceramic flower vase green/brown ACE6684 / ceramic flower vase green/brown
TOT4016-72.jpg aztec wall hanging rug nude TOT4016 / aztec wall hanging rug nude
TOT4015-72.jpg aztec wall hanging rug green TOT4015 / aztec wall hanging rug green
AOA9955-72.jpg square glass dome AOA9955 / square glass dome
AOA9954-72.jpg brass/glass desk drawer AOA9954 / brass/glass desk drawer
TTS1010-72.jpg throw aztec weave multicolour (125x150) TTS1010 / throw aztec weave multicolour (125x150)
TKU2045-72.jpg cushion aztec weave multicolour (43x43) TKU2045 / cushion aztec weave multicolour (43x43)
TKU2044-72.jpg cushion aztec weave black/white (40x60) TKU2044 / cushion aztec weave black/white (40x60)
AGL4421-72.jpg 70's glass carafe AGL4421 / 70's glass carafe
AGL4422-72.jpg 70's drinking glass AGL4422 / 70's drinking glass
AGL4423-72.jpg 70's white wine glass AGL4423 / 70's white wine glass
AGL4427-72.jpg 70's long drinking glass AGL4427 / 70's long drinking glass
AGL4426-72.jpg 70's flute glass AGL4426 / 70's flute glass
AGL4425-72.jpg 70's red wine glass AGL4425 / 70's red wine glass
MTA2813-72.jpg tree dining table with brass legs MTA2813 / tree dining table with brass legs
TKU2046-72.jpg wabi sabi cushion with fringes (70x40) TKU2046 / wabi sabi cushion with fringes (70x40)

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