VOL5007 72.jpg brass palm lamp VOL5007 / brass palm lamp
VOL5006 72.JPG forest marble brick light VOL5006 / forest marble brick light
VOL5004 72.jpg black concrete hanging lamp VOL5004 / black concrete hanging lamp
VOL5005 72.jpg bamboo hanging lamp VOL5005 / bamboo hanging lamp
VOL5001 72.JPG bamboo table lamp VOL5001 / bamboo table lamp
VOL5002.jpg wicker trumpet pendant lamp black VOL5002 / wicker trumpet pendant lamp black
VOL500 wit.jpg wicker trumpet pendant lamp natural VOL5003 / wicker trumpet pendant lamp natural
VAA1095 72.jpg wicker hanging lamp large VAA1095 / wicker hanging lamp large
VAA1094 72.jpg wicker hanging lamp medium VAA1094 / wicker hanging lamp medium
VAA4048 72.jpg knotted rope chandelier black VAA4048 / knotted rope chandelier black
VAA4049 72 2.jpg knotted rope chandelier natural VAA4049 / knotted rope chandelier natural
VAA1090 72.jpg wooden pendant lamp VAA1090 / wooden pendant lamp
VAA1093 72.jpg mammoth light bulb VAA1093S (BULB ONLY) / mammoth light bulb
VAA4045 72.jpg rope lamp black VAA4045 / rope lamp black
VAA4044a 72.jpg large shells ball lamp VAA4044 / large shells ball lamp
VAA4046 72.jpg terra-cotta bottle lamp white VAA4046 / terra-cotta bottle lamp white
VAA4043 72.jpg glazed ball lamp copper VAA4043 / glazed ball lamp copper
VAA4042 72.jpg lab lamp XL matt grey VAA4042 / lab lamp XL matt grey
VAA4041 72.jpg lab lamp XL black VAA4041 / lab lamp XL black
VAA4040 72.jpg lab lamp XL copper VAA4040 / lab lamp XL copper
VAA4039 72.jpg lab lamp XL army green VAA4039 / lab lamp XL army green
MBL0009 72.jpg pendant lamp marble MBL0009 / pendant lamp marble
VAA1063 72.jpg geo table lamp VAA1063 / geo table lamp
VAA1062 72.jpg geo ceiling lamp VAA1062 / geo ceiling lamp
VAA1072 72.jpg plexi floor lamp black VAA1072 / plexi floor lamp black
VAA1073 72.jpg plexi wall lamp black VAA1073 / plexi wall lamp black
VAA1074 72.jpg plexi wall lamp white VAA1074 / plexi wall lamp white
VAA1075 72.jpg plexi wall lamp brown VAA1075 / plexi wall lamp brown
VAA1076 72.jpg plexi hanging lamp lounge black VAA1076 / plexi hanging lamp lounge black
VAA1077 72.jpg plexi hanging lamp lounge white VAA1077 / plexi hanging lamp lounge white
VAA1078 72.jpg plexi hanging lamp 3 fitting VAA1078 / plexi hanging lamp 3 fitting
VAA1064 72.jpg plexi table lamp M black VAA1064 / plexi table lamp M black
VAA1065 72.jpg plexi table lamp M white VAA1065 / plexi table lamp M white
VAA1066.jpg plexi table lamp M pink VAA1066 / plexi table lamp M pink
VAA1059 72.jpg plexi table lamp L black VAA1059 / plexi table lamp L black
VAA1060 72.jpg plexi table lamp L white VAA1060 / plexi table lamp L white
VAA1061 72.jpg plexi table lamp L pink VAA1061 / plexi table lamp L pink
VAA1080 72.jpg plexi table lamp L black / transparent VAA1080 / plexi table lamp L black / transparent
VAA5024 72.jpg 5 wire pendel lab lamp black VAA5024 / 5 wire pendel lab lamp black
VAA1091 72.jpg lab lamp marsala (pendle) VAA1091P / lab lamp marsala (pendle)
VAA1085 72.jpg lab lamp chartreuse (pendle) VAA1085P / lab lamp chartreuse (pendle)
VAA1087 72.jpg lab lamp army green (pendle) VAA1087P / lab lamp army green (pendle)
VAA1071 72.jpg lab lamp white (pendle) VAA1071P / lab lamp white (pendle)
VAA1041 72.jpg lab lamp copper (with pendle) VAA1041P / lab lamp copper (with pendle)
VAA1042 72.jpg lab lamp black (with pendle) VAA1042P / lab lamp black (with pendle)
VAA1043 72.jpg lab lamp brass (with pendle) VAA1043P / lab lamp brass (with pendle)
VAA1070 72.jpg lab lamp matt grey (pendle) VAA1070P / lab lamp matt grey (pendle)
VAA1091 72.jpg lab lamp marsala (switch) VAA1091S / lab lamp marsala (switch)
VAA1085 72.jpg lab lamp chartreuse (switch) VAA1085S / lab lamp chartreuse (switch)
VAA1087 72.jpg lab lamp army green (switch) VAA1087S / lab lamp army green (switch)
VAA1071 72.jpg lab lamp white (switch) VAA1071S / lab lamp white (switch)
VAA1041 72.jpg lab lamp copper (with switch) VAA1041S / lab lamp copper (with switch)
VAA1042 72.jpg lab lamp black (with switch) VAA1042S / lab lamp black (with switch)
VAA1043 72.jpg lab lamp brass (with switch) VAA1043S / lab lamp brass (with switch)
VAA1070 72.jpg lab lamp matt grey (switch) VAA1070S / lab lamp matt grey (switch)
VAA4031 72.jpg lamp 'Lounge' grey VAA4031 / lamp 'Lounge' grey
VAA4030 72.jpg lamp 'Lounge' black VAA4030 / lamp 'Lounge' black
VAA4033 72.jpg lamp 'Lounge' light grey VAA4033 / lamp 'Lounge' light grey
VAA4016 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' M white VAA4016 / lamp 'Factory' M white
VAA4010 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' M black VAA4010 / lamp 'Factory' M black
VAA4023 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' M light grey VAA4023 / lamp 'Factory' M light grey
VAA4025 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' M matt white VAA4025 / lamp 'Factory' M matt white
VAA4022 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' M matt black VAA4022 / lamp 'Factory' M matt black
VAA4024 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' M matt light grey VAA4024 / lamp 'Factory' M matt light grey
VAA4026 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' M matt chartreuse VAA4026 / lamp 'Factory' M matt chartreuse
VAA4027 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' M matt industrial blue VAA4027 / lamp 'Factory' M matt industrial blue
VAA4028 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' M matt army green VAA4028 / lamp 'Factory' M matt army green
VAA4029 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' M matt sand VAA4029 / lamp 'Factory' M matt sand
VAA4036 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' L matt white VAA4036 / lamp 'Factory' L matt white
VAA4038 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' L matt black VAA4038 / lamp 'Factory' L matt black
VAA4035 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' L matt light grey VAA4035 / lamp 'Factory' L matt light grey
VAA4047 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' L matt marsala VAA4047 / lamp 'Factory' L matt marsala
VAA4001 Factory white 72.JPG lamp 'Factory' L white VAA4001 / lamp 'Factory' L white
VAA4002 Factory black 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' L black VAA4002 / lamp 'Factory' L black
VAA4034 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' L light grey VAA4034 / lamp 'Factory' L light grey
VAA4005 Factory grey 72.jpg lamp 'Factory' L grey VAA4005 / lamp 'Factory' L grey
VAA1051 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' M jade green VAA1051 / lamp 'Workshop' M jade green
VAA1048 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' M white VAA1048 / lamp 'Workshop' M white
VAA1049 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' M black VAA1049 / lamp 'Workshop' M black
VAA1056 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' M Copper VAA1056 / lamp 'Workshop' M Copper
VAA1058 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' M Brass VAA1058 / lamp 'Workshop' M Brass
VAA1050 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' M rustic VAA1050 / lamp 'Workshop' M rustic
VAA1089 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' M mint green VAA1089 / lamp 'Workshop' M mint green
VAA1092 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L emerald VAA1092 / lamp 'Workshop' L emerald
VAA1082 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L sand VAA1082 / lamp 'Workshop' L sand
VAA1083 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L industrial blue VAA1083 / lamp 'Workshop' L industrial blue
VAA1081 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L rustic matt black VAA1081 / lamp 'Workshop' L rustic matt black
VAA1047 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L mint green VAA1047 / lamp 'Workshop' L mint green
VAA1003 new 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L grey VAA1003 / lamp 'Workshop' L grey
VAA1004 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L black VAA1004 / lamp 'Workshop' L black
VAA1039 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L copper VAA1039 / lamp 'Workshop' L copper
VAA1052 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L brass VAA1052 / lamp 'Workshop' L brass
VAA1012 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L rustic VAA1012 / lamp 'Workshop' L rustic
VAA1020 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L white VAA1020 / lamp 'Workshop' L white
VAA1046 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' L jade green VAA1046 / lamp 'Workshop' L jade green
VAA1032 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' XL rustic VAA1032 / lamp 'Workshop' XL rustic
VAA1084 72.jpg lamp 'Workshop' XL rustic matt black VAA1084 / lamp 'Workshop' XL rustic matt black
VAA1015 72.jpg lamp 'Warehouse' L rustic VAA1015 / lamp 'Warehouse' L rustic
VAA1018 72.jpg lamp 'Warehouse' XL rustic VAA1018 / lamp 'Warehouse' XL rustic

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