/ Bold&Basic ceramics


Bold and minimalist? It is possible with this collection of bold colours in basic shapes. Together they form the ultimate embodiment to an eclectic mix of tableware.


Mix & Match

Mix & match bold coloured - or palm - plates with basic mugs to create a unique and yet sophisticated look. This organic hand shaped collection adds character to your cabinetry. For the finishing touch, we have added a bold silver colour tea pot, ceramic tea spoons in four basic shades and two colour sets of organic shaped ceramic mugs with an ear, packed in a gift box, to our Bold&Basic ceramics family.

Home Chef Ceramics/

Are you the chef at home? With these high-quality ceramics -for home chef cooking- you will blow everyone’s mind. That’s not only because of your excellent cooking, but also by presenting the perfect table setting. Whatever dish you create, with this mix of rustic tableware, there will always be the best fitted design available.

This collection is for the ultimate home chef, who likes to spice things up a bit. And what better way than to end the day at a beautifully prepped dinner table, to enjoy a perfectly home cooked meal.The Home Chef ceramics collection is made of hotel porcelain -a stronger kind of ceramic, for professional use. All items are hand finished and hand glazed, which gives them that unique look.

70s Ceramics/

Whether you are a first time lover of our 70s ceramics, or a long term collector, there is always room for more.