IBT1006-72.jpg STBR: aztec rug printed wool (180x280) IBT1006 / STBR: aztec rug printed wool (180x280)
IBT1005-72.jpg STBR: aztec rug printed wool (120x180) IBT1005 / STBR: aztec rug printed wool (120x180)
KLEIN.jpg STBR: banana leaves basket IBA2025 / STBR: banana leaves basket
IBA2021-72.jpg STBR: double woven baskets set of 3 IBA2021 / STBR: double woven baskets set of 3
IBA2022 72.jpg STBR: geo baskets set of 2 IBA2022 / STBR: geo baskets set of 2
IBA2008.jpg STBR: twig XL baskets IBA2008 / STBR: twig XL baskets
IBA2009 72.jpg STBR: round twig XL basket IBA2009 / STBR: round twig XL basket
IBB0084 72.jpg STBR: wicker basket IBB0084 / STBR: wicker basket
IBB0067 versie1 72.JPG STBR: wooden basket IBB0067 / STBR: wooden basket
IBB0074 72.jpg STBR: round basket IBB0074 / STBR: round basket
IBB0003 versie2 72.jpg STBR: wooden crate set of 2 IBB0003 / STBR: wooden crate set of 2
IBA2011 72 deksel.jpg STBR: storage jar IBA2011 / STBR: storage jar
IBA2010 72.jpg STBR: toolbox tray IBA2010 / STBR: toolbox tray
IBA2026 72.jpg STBR: canvas ipad cover IBA2026 / STBR: canvas ipad cover
mand 2 copy.jpg STBR: native woven basket M IBA2018 / STBR: native woven basket M
IBA2019.jpg STBR: native woven basket L IBA2019 / STBR: native woven basket L
IBA2012 72.jpg STBR: olive wooden cutting boards IBA2012 / STBR: olive wooden cutting boards
IBB0052 72.jpg STBR: board olivewood IBB0052 / STBR: board olivewood
IBA0006 72.jpg STBR: board with bark IBA0006 / STBR: board with bark
IBB0053 72.jpg STBR: forest marble board IBB0053 / STBR: forest marble board
IBA0003 72.jpg STBR: olive wood spoon round IBA0003 / STBR: olive wood spoon round
IBA0004 72.jpg STBR: olive wood spoon oval IBA0004 / STBR: olive wood spoon oval
IBB0072.jpg STBR: tree hook medium IBB0072 / STBR: tree hook medium
IBC2014 72.jpg STBR: ceramic plate earth IBC2014 / STBR: ceramic plate earth
IBC2015 72 side.jpg STBR: ceramic bowl earth IBC2015 / STBR: ceramic bowl earth
IBC2016 72 side.JPG STBR: ceramic cup earth IBC2016 / STBR: ceramic cup earth
IBB0085 72.jpg STBR: big stoneware jug IBB0085 / STBR: big stoneware jug
IBZ0002 72.jpg STBR: wooden café bench IBZ0002 / STBR: wooden café bench
IBM0001 72.jpg STBR: table IBM0001 / STBR: table
IBB0056_versie 2 72.jpg STBR: green metal mine lamp IBB0056 / STBR: green metal mine lamp
IBB0058 72.jpg STBR: rustic industrial lamp IBB0058 / STBR: rustic industrial lamp
IBB0055 72.jpg STBR: rustic metal desklamp IBB0055 / STBR: rustic metal desklamp
IBK2006-72-2.jpg STBR: native throw IBK2006 / STBR: native throw
IBK2005-front-72.jpg STBR: red quilted fleece cushion IBK2005 / STBR: red quilted fleece cushion
IBK2004-front-72.jpg STBR: blue quilted fleece cushion IBK2004 / STBR: blue quilted fleece cushion
IBK2003 72.jpg STBR: blue quilted throw IBK2003 / STBR: blue quilted throw
IBK2001-72-2.jpg STBR: printed cabin cushion IBK2001 / STBR: printed cabin cushion
P1017364 72.jpg STBR: printed cushion IBB0064 / STBR: printed cushion
IBB0059.jpg STBR: embroidered ranger cushion IBB0059 / STBR: embroidered ranger cushion
IBB0057.jpg STBR: embroidered adventure cushion IBB0057 / STBR: embroidered adventure cushion
IBK0005.jpg STBR: woolen cushion stripes IBK0005 / STBR: woolen cushion stripes
IBK0006.jpg STBR: woolen throw stripes IBK0006 / STBR: woolen throw stripes
P1017375 72.jpg STBR: leather quilted cushion IBB0062 / STBR: leather quilted cushion
P1017377 72.jpg STBR: natural leather cushion IBB0063 / STBR: natural leather cushion
IBB0065-72.jpg STBR: printed rug 120x180cm IBB0065 / STBR: printed rug 120x180cm
IBT0004.jpg STBR: printed rug 180x280cm IBT0004 / STBR: printed rug 180x280cm
IBT1001.jpg STBR: printed cabin rug IBT1001 / STBR: printed cabin rug
IBT0002.jpg STBR: printed rug oranje circle IBT0002 / STBR: printed rug oranje circle
IBT0003.jpg STBR: printed rug native crosses IBT0003 / STBR: printed rug native crosses
IBB0021.jpg STBR: ragrug IBB0021 / STBR: ragrug
IBB0054.jpg STBR: leather ragrug IBB0054 / STBR: leather ragrug
IBB0061 72.jpg STBR: (bear) skin medium IBB0061 / STBR: (bear) skin medium
IBB0060.jpg STBR: (bear) skin large IBB0060 / STBR: (bear) skin large

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