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We are thrilled to start the new year fresh and vibrant, with new colours, new prints, new art, new shapes and some good old basic & vintage items. Welcome to our bright fresh line of products, specially designed for you!

With this additions collection we take you on a journey, from Paris to Athens and from the rural countryside to the vibrant city. Our collection is all about mix & match until you find your perfect style.

We like to create a buzz in your interior, therefore we started a collaboration with four inspirational contemporary young artists. We call it our Artist Home collection. Get bedazzled by the work of multidisciplinary artist Benjamin Ewing or dive into the vibrant world of Garance Vallée. Marcello Velho creates a world of bright colours, florals and always something unexpected. And Pauline Blanchard pulls you into her dreamlike luminous studio.

In this issue we get festive with florals, Paris chic moments and terracotta hues. It is hard not to slip into the perfect ambience with our floral prints and products. Très chic.

Get sassy with our stripy satin & velvet pillows. Oh how they like to philander with their striped counterpart, our new musthave, the retro sofa in yellow/nude stripes.



Beautiful everyday pieces are the ones you want to hold, feel and use as often as possible. We are proud to add the new gradient ceramics to our collection. Observe their organic look and feel the grains and uneven parts. They add a unique handcrafted touch to every home.

When it comes to charming colours it really is time to shine for our 70’s ceramics. We revamped and refreshed the collection with some vibrant bright colours and models, to give it that seventies glow. 

In the end we always look to showcase an array of styles, as long as they strike a contemporary note and complement your home. We like to wander off to different places, other era’s. That's why we love the look of ancient times, where simplicity and elegance were high standards. Our exquisite table lamp reflects this era in all its beauty.

Be inspired by everything you see and experience.

Enjoy our 2020 additions collection.


/ A throwback to ancient times

Welcome to our HKliving 2020 catalogue, the edition that brings you everything; from emerging style trends to a throwback into ancient times. Yes, you read that right, in this edition we put the spotlight on the era of the Greek mythology. We created a collection that will take you back to ancient Greece. We are thrilled to show you around!

Sprint to our collection to find those Greek influenced designs in our new tableware collection Athena ceramics. Swoon over the delicate shell shaped serving trays while setting the dinner table with geometrically shaped plates. Your dining chairs will fit elegantly under our new pillar dining table. The pillar table is available in black and white and comes in 3 different sizes.

To backup the Roman inspired product range, we added several Greek style vases to our ever expanding collection. From column vases to their shell shaped counterparts. It’s easy to create your own show-stopping display without having to add pretty flowers.

Although our designer hearts are set on the ancient Greek times, we never lose sight of emerging style trends. Scroll through the catalogue to find our take on the terrazzo & marble trend. From elegant marble side tables to funky terrazzo cutting plates, the two trends have teamed up and look better -than ever- together.



While taking that direction, of wandering in the past, we felt we also had to upgrade our Vint couch design. Therefore we created Jax, a couch with a sensational look-at-me feel. What else is allowed to take up that much space? Jax highlights our vision of combining beauty with practicality. The round elements look so inviting but stylish at the same time. Shape your living space with Jax, for the best seat position possible.

We had to throw in some sassy stripes to add a splash of color to the scheme. Our new collection of striped pillows in velvet will revamp every space in and around the house. This sophisticated look is also easy to achieve with the striped velvet bedlinen or the striped velvet lobby bench.

Last but surely not least, the collection wouldn’t be complete without the company of a couple of heroes from the past. Greek god Apollo accompanied by David give your living area that bold and classic look.

Are you ready to take a step back into the ancient Greek times?